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We will always try to save your natural teeth at Arrowhead Family Dentistry, but sometimes a tooth extraction is the best way to eliminate your pain and discomfort and prevent further complications. At our Peoria dental practice, we specialize in the gentle, pain-free extraction of troublesome teeth. If you are located in Peoria and think you may need an extraction, schedule your consultation today. 

What to Expect From

Basic tooth Extractions

Basic extractions are the simplest form of extraction. This method of extraction is used for teeth that are fully erupted from the socket, and are not impacted. We will begin by numbing your mouth. Sedation can also be provided if you choose.

Once your mouth is numb, we will use a tool called a “dental elevator” to wiggle the tooth loose in its socket. Once it’s loose, they will use a dental forceps to grasp it by its root, and then pull it out of the socket. The area will be cleaned and sutured shut.

Should I Have

Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

The wisdom teeth are our last set of rear molars, and usually grow in around the ages of 17-25. Most people do not have enough space for these teeth, so leaving them in place can cause the surrounding teeth to shift. In some cases, the wisdom teeth may even grow in sideways or fail to erupt, and become impacted. 

Some people can keep their wisdom teeth if there is space in their mouth, but most patients prefer to have them extracted to keep their smile healthy. We recommend consulting with our doctors to find out if your wisdom teeth should be extracted.

Extracting Impacted

Wisdom Teeth

Extracting an impacted tooth requires what’s known as a “surgical extraction.” A small incision must be made in the gum near the impacted tooth. Then, this opening will be used to cut the tooth into pieces, and extract it piece-by-piece. Once the tooth has been completely removed, the area will be cleaned and sutured shut.

When Does a Tooth

Need to Be Extracted?

The most common reason for extracting teeth is the improper eruption of wisdom teeth. About 5 million Americans have their wisdom teeth extracted every year.

Teeth may also need to be extracted if they are seriously damaged by tooth decay or an oral injury, and cannot be saved with a treatment like a root canal, or if they have been damaged by gum disease.

Extractions are also commonly used to prepare for some dental restorations, like dental implants and dentures. More rarely, extractions might be used for orthodontic purposes to remove one or more teeth in patients with very small mouths and crowded teeth.

What Are My Options

For Restoring a Missing Tooth?

If you lose one of your permanent teeth, you have multiple options for restoring your tooth and your smile. Partial dentures are a useful temporary solution, and allow you to restore your smile. Dental bridges are also an option. Bridges attach to two healthy teeth using crowns and support a false tooth in the gap where your missing tooth used to be. Dental implants, which consist of a metal implant that is surgically placed into your gums and jaw and a false tooth, are a great long-term option for restoring a missing tooth. To learn more about your options, contact Arrowhead Family Dentistry right away.

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